ABOUT US // Fireworks on Ferris Wheels are Amy Courts + Paul Koopman.

Amy and Paul met in Nashville at an open mic writer’s night at the legendary Douglas Corner Cafe in January 2004. Both recent transplants to the songwriter community in Music City, they formed an immediate professional mutual respect and admiration, pre-dating romantic and familial bonds that would follow. Amy went on to record and releaseĀ two completely independent albums, garnering critical acclaim and a loyal fan base, among those lucky enough to have heard them. Meanwhile, Paul took a day job, and a decade-long hiatus from performing, intersected by one quick independent studio project, produced by Jim Reilley (The New Dylans) in 2010. While this project was never officially released or promoted, it would eventually garner licensing interest, sparking a new effort and collaboration, this time with Paul and Amy’s combined talents. They returned to Nashville early in 2017, having moved to Minneapolis in 2011, to lay the groundwork for this new project, dubbed “Fireworks on Ferris Wheels” by the couple’s then-5-year-old, Elijah. The name stuck, and with the support of a wide network of friends and fans, the music will stick as well.

Amy’s vocal and songwriting style resides where powerhouse honesty meets ethereal beauty, evoking many of her influences, including Patty Griffin, Jennifer Knapp, and Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Richer). Paul’s unique and tasteful style have evolved from decades of musical performance, from barbershop quartet singing in his youth, to fronting multi-genre cover bands in high school and college, to his foray into serious songwriting upon his move to Nashville, drawing comparisons to James Taylor and Mark Knopfler.

The seeds for this project have been germinating for over a decade. The time for planting has arrived. We hope you’ll enjoy the harvest with us!